1.About the organization

Gethsemane Charitable Trust was registered in the year 2017 November month and started on 19 March 2018. We are working for the rescue and rehabilitation of the destitute on the streets of Pune all over.Currently Gethsemane Ashram is a home for many under privileged old people who are mentally challenged, handicapped and bedridden.Our mission is to give new life to people on the streets with no food, medicine or home. Giving them a place to live, good food and required medical treatment and peace to their soul.

2. Origin

  Way back in 1996, Santhosh Joy from Kerela came to Pune for job, and met the orphans mentally challenged and differently abled patient and shared his desire with his friends to do something for them but no one helped in this matter. But the desire in his mind towards the orphans, lead him to start a Charitable Trust. The salary he received from working in the company, he started providing food to the people who were starving. After he got married in 2001, he and his wife Julie continued the same work of helping the needy ones. His wife Julie started working for womens with no food, clothes or medicine wandering on the streets.  She ended up meeting many of those womens suffering from mental problems, she shared her desire with her friends to help them, but no one came forward to help us financially.In 2017, they finally decided to start a Ashram named ‘GETHSEMANE CHARITABLE TRUST’ they decided to take an area on rent at Dehugoan and  thus continued their work by helping the needy ones, by rescuing them from streets and giving them all the necessity things and peace to their souls. Now these activites of theirs is going ahead there is a lot of things coming ahead.

3. Challenges

This journey is not been that easy for us. We faced many problems like financial stability, lacking of space for people to live, hospitality problems and many more. We are rescuing the destitutes those are sick physically, mentally found in the streets of Pune, regardless of their ethnic background, gender, age and severity of ailments and offer them a home of hope and holistic care for their ailments.


4. Our Programs

  • An unconscious man was rescued by us, he was given given good hospitality needs or treatments. As the man was an old aged person and no one to look after him, we helped him by giving him the necessity things. Due to his mental sickness, within six months of treatment he is now in a better condition.
  • Since five years, this old lady was roaming on the streets of Yerwada, Pune. She was eating from the garbage , dumping grounds and she had no clothes to wear, she was in a very difficult condition. She was not only physically ill, but also mentally disturbed. As our team was on a round-up for work, someone from our team saw her and informed us. She was rescued immediately and given the appropriate treatment. She is now in the safe hands and in a good condition, living a peaceful and healthy life.
  • Since two to five years this handicapped girl was wandering on the streets of Pune Camp road. She was just 20 years and was not able to talk nor walk. As she had no parents her aunt was taking care of her. But due to lack of money and certain crisis her aunt was not able to look after her and therefore this girl was left on the streets. Some people in that area informed us about her so we decided to rescue her immediately. After her rescue she was given proper treatment and good care. Within one year she was in a better condition.
  • This 70 years old man  was kept locked in a room for a long time by his own sons. He was having three sons but, they were not able to care of him as he was suffering from high sugar and was having a damage on his leg due to this illness. One of his neighbours informed us about his condition. We rescued this man as soon as we got the news. He got the proper treatment and had a good health. Within one year he was dead due to severe sugar.
  • Since five to eight years, this 70 years old man was wandering on the streets. Even though he had sons to take care of, still he was left on the streets. He was starving due to lack of food and was physically and mentally ill. As he had no proper clothes to wear and due to wearing the same clothes for many days, the piece of cloth was stuck to his body and he had a lot of scars on his body. As soon as we got to know about this man we rescued him and gave the appropriate treatment he needed. Now, he is living a good healthy and strong life with us. 
  • People suffering due to lack of food and wandering on the streets for food are given food, shelter to live and medicinal help to the needy ones. Now, they are living the proper life as they are been taken care of by our people.
  • People suffering due to lack of food and wandering on the streets for food are given food, shelter to live and medicinal help to the needy ones. Now, they are living the proper life as they are been taken care of by our people.
  • On 26 January 2023, we provided wheelchairs to the peoples facing various leg problems. We also provided artificial limbs to the people facing various walk problems. And now, they are able to walk with the help of these things.
  • As we all have gone through the worst situation at the time of  Corona virus, we also have helped the people with which were totally helpless. In most of the Adivasi areas people were totally been helpless and as we were going through their areas, we have donated food, clothes and gave financial and educational support to their kids. This was a big hand help for them as they were going through a lot of difficult situations.
  • At the time of the pandemic, as no hospitality services were properly  given to the orphans our team decided to give the orphans free ambulance service so that there would be no medical issues to the old ones and they could properly take the medical treatments needed.
  • As there were no proper medicinal help given to the orphans during the pandemic, we decided to arrange an medical camp that will help the orphans to have the proper treatment, which will also provide basic health care services like blood pressure checkups, eye checkups etc. and health education which will lead to a healthy life without any medical issues.
  • As we all know many people in India die due to heart problems as there are no proper treatments given. Not everyone in India get a free cardiac  camp. So, we  provided a free ECG health camp for the orphans suffering from various heart issues which will help them to avoid various heart problems such as heart failure and many more. This saved lives of many people.
  • We decided to group up some of our friends together and make a team which will help us to find people on streets which are truly helpless, starving and needy ones. We all then coped up as a team and started the work of rescuing the people which needed to help themselves and the ones that were indeed needing a helping hand.
  • On 15th August 2022, the childrens living in the slum areas were invited at our Ashram and given a free welfare camp. This provided them counselling sessions, gifts , entertainment programs , games and many more things.
  • As we all know that the people from slum areas are not from a wealthy background , facing a lot of problems such as lack of food, shelter, the kids there are not in a good financial state which leads to many wrong things. The people living in the slum areas were given free welfare camp which provided them some consulting programs, good-life lessons which will help them for a better life ahead. We also provided some gifts and some entertainment programs which would help them for a good life.
  • People facing various eye problems were given a free medical camp for eye operations treatment which helped them to overcome various eye issues and see the good in everything.
  • International Day of Older Persons was  celebrated in the year 2022. Each orphan was felicitated and given new clothes and sweets were offered to them as a piece of joy. We were blessed to see the smiles on their faces.
  • This girl had no parents and no one to take care of. She grew up with us, got graduated. She was working as a staff member in our orphan. We helped her finding a eligible boy for marriage and today she is living a peaceful life with her family.
  • In this society, the helping hands of Gethsemane Ashram were being introduced in the newspaper Navrashtra.
  • Elder Homicide Awareness Day was celebrated. An awareness counselling program was held for the old peoples. The old ones facing problems such as being assaulted, no proper treatment by kids, being in threat, facing various health and mental problems were being aware by us through this session.
  • Some senior citizens that have no one in their family to take care of and are living alone, facing problems such as lack of food, money, clothes etc. were helped by us. We provided them some food grains and blankets, shawls etc. which would help them in taking care of their selves.
  • Our work and activities were being highlighted in the newspaper Lokmat.
  • During the covid pandemic, we provided free covid checkups for the old ones in our ashram.
  • In some areas like villages, where hospitals are not often available , we provided them mobile heath care unit for people who can’t visit hospitals. So they can easily take the required treatments.
  • As this girl was facing various mental sickness and she did’nt even knew anything about her family, was wandering on the the streets of Dehuroad. Once a police team saw her and informed us immediately. We rescued her and gave treatment for her mental problems. Now, she is with her family in a very good mental and physical state.
  • Since two years, as her family left her she was sitting under a bridge. As she had a problem with her back bone she was’nt able to walk. Once we saw her and rescued her immediately, agve the hospitality treatment she needed. Now, she’s in a good mental and physical state living her life peacefully.
  • She was found under a bridge in Dehuroad. As she had no one to take care of , she used to sleep under the bridge. Once she was crossing the road and met with an accident. Her right hand and one leg was fractured. She her own self got admitted in the hospital and after her treatment she got discharged. We saw her on the street and immediately rescued her and gave her proper medications. Now, she’s in a better state.
  • Our activities in one frame.
  • This old man was being treated extremely improper by his family members. He raised her two sons by doing all sorts of money gaining things that he could do. But, as her sons grew up , they started giving him bad treatment. He used to live with his sister for few years but after few years her sister passed away. After that he used to live with his brother but later his brother’s physical state was going bad and then his brother suggested him about our Ashram. He came to live with us in our ashram. Now, he’s living a good and peaceful life.
  • Rennovation in Project

    As the earlier living space was not that sufficient for our orphans, we extended our main living area to 1500 sq feet on rent with the following facilities :-

    • Increase in the number of beds to 40
    • Approximately 40 people could live in that area
    • Facility of filtered drinking water
    • Availability of Oxygen Cylinders
    • Availability of emergency medicines
    • At least 10 wheelchairs were provided
    • Availability of 10 stretcher beds
    • Kitchen facilities (proteins and all necessary food things available)
    • Storage room for food grains
    • Front office , Waiting room
    • CCTV cameras in main areas to keep an eye on orphans
    • Western toilets for old people with leg problems
    • Shower availability
    • Washing machine
    • Flour grinder
    • Storage of food, medicines etc. is done in the fridge
    • Geyser
    • TV , Yoga , Bhajans in their free time for enjoyment
    • A doctor and nurse is employed for the orphans if needed
    • Weekly checkup of the orphans is done.
    • Daily blood pressure (through bp machine) and sugar checkup is done
    • Ambulance facility.



5. Our Future Plans

We wish to make more homes, charity hospitals, schools and serve thousands of destitutes in the coming years.Our motto is to work in the midst of the poor and needy, take risk for the risky, nurse the sick, give them medical care, clothe them, feed and also reunite them with their respective families.

The hospitality treatments in India work in a very partial way. As we all know that the government hospitals work is done in a very slow manner and no fast treatments are given which indirectly leads to the death of many poor people. But in the case of private hospitals the treatment is done faster and in a very proper way. As middle class, poor people can’t afford to have treatment from the private hospitals, Our motto is to bring up an NGO hospital which will provide fast and free cost of treatments to each and every person facing various health and mental problems. Eye operations will be done free of cost. Cardiac patients will be provided free operations and treatments. The people helpless , wandering on streets and the ones who loose their lives should be kept in the mortuary until their relatives are met. Blood bank facilities will be provided. Proper medicines availability will be there. MRI, CT scan , BP and sugar checkup machines will be available. A scheme shall be provided that helps people to have free medical treatments and help.

6 .Our Board

Gethsemane Charitable trust consists of two full time members.

  • Founder trustee :- Santhosh Joy
  • Vice-President :- Julie Santhosh

7. Contact Us

Address :- Gethsemane Ashram, Parandwal chowk juna palkhi marg,

Dehugoan Pune – 412109

Phone :- 9822352294 / 9922256346

Email :-


Website :-



Bank details :- A/c No – 060220110000355

                              IFSC Code – BKID0000602

                              Branch – Dehuroad