A Registered Charitable Trust Under BPT Act No. E7998

About Gethsemane Ashram

We have been running an Old Age Home “Gethsemane Ashram” for Three years now. We work in the midst of poor, homeless, orphans, widows. The people who don’t have anyone to take care of are supported by our Organization. Old people who are left to die on the roads by their family are taken care of by us by giving them shelter, food, clothes, and also the medical care needed. Even the mentally retarded are taken care of by us. We even support the education of the poor kids whose parents can’t afford their school fees. We donate for cancer patients; we also arrange blood donation camps. Even the poor families who cannot afford a wedding for their daughters are financially helped by us. We have counseling sessions for people addicted to drugs and alcohol. Our Lord God has been helping us and will continue to help us serve the Poor and Needy by giving us good donors, who have helped open-heartedly. Thus to carry & expand this ministry of love forward we need your financial support. You can join us in this noble cause and be of great help, also you can partner us in prayer.

From Humble Servant

I, Pastor Santhosh Joy, have been doing the Lord’s ministry in Dehuroad, Pune with my family for the last 16 years. Our work is spread over 9 villages on the outskirts of Pune. We are sharing the Love of God. Free education is being imparted to poor students. Classes for literacy, stitching, awareness, and medical camps are conducted for village ladies. God is enabling us to do all these activities in difficult and adverse conditions. We still have no place of worship. Worship is done in rented houses in all these villages. Brothers and sisters, your prayers and support are requested to do this ministry more effectively so that many needy will be benefited.

Your Humble Servant

Pastor Santhosh Joy