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Gethsemane Ashram

  • To give new life to people on the streets with no food, medicine or home. Giving them a place to live, good food and required medical treatment and peace to their soul.
  • Our old age home was established in the year 2017 November month. We are working for the rescue and rehabilitation of the destitute on the streets of Pune all over.
    Currently Gethsemane Ashram is a home for many under privileged old people who are mentally challenged, handicapped & bedridden.


गेथसेमाने आश्रम :-

  • रस्त्यावरिल लोकांना अन्न, औषध किंवा घर नसतांना नविन जिवन देने त्यांना राहण्यासीठी जागा, चांगले अन्न आवश्यक वैदयकिय उपचार देने.
  • वृध्दाश्रमाची स्थापना सन २०१७ मध्ये संस्थापक अध्यक्ष आदरणीय श्री. संतोष जॉय आणि उपाध्यक्ष श्रीमती. ज्युली संतोष जॉय यांनी केली. आम्ही पुणे जिल्ह्यातील रस्त्यावरिल लोकांच्या बचाव आणि पुनर्वसनासाठी कार्यरत आहोत. सध्या गेथसेमाने आश्रम हे मानसिकदृष्या, विकलांग, अपंग आणि अंथरुणाला खिळलेल्या अनेक अल्पसंख्याक वृध्द लोकांसाठी एक घर आहे.

Making someone smile is the most beautiful thing in this world

Our Working Model


Rescue & Admission

Our rescue team moves around Pune and brings the elders lying on streets in extremely dying condition and then admit them. Pune Police, Government Hospitals and NGO’s also helps the abandoned elders to get admitted in our Ashram.

Health Checkup & SOS Treatment

Then we provide the immediate relief by performing first-aid treatment and Complete Health checkup including Blood test and Full body checkup.

Accommodation, Food & Clothing

Registered elders get accommodated. Our Caregivers team helps the elderly in feeding and clothing.

Medical Treatment & Care

We provide required treatment and medication to the elderly by a team of qualified doctors. 24*7 trained nursing staff and Medical team is available.

Leisure Activities

We have TV and music system installed in our Old Age Home for elderly to entertain. We celebrate festivals, Students from colleges and schools come to spend time with elders. We promote Recreational Activities for elders.


We do cremation according to the religion in case of demise.

Our Mission

Give a Little. Change a Lot.

Our Mission is to give New Life to people who don’t have Basic Necessities of Life such as Food, Clothing, Shelter, and Medicine. Thus give Peace to their Soul.
Gethsemane Charitable Trust Is A Home For The Old, Poor, Sick, Orphan, Widows, Homeless, Needy & The Unwanted People By Society. These People Are Taken Care By Our Organization

We Need Your Financial Support to Fulfil this Mission.

For Donations:

Gethsemane Charitable Trust.

Bank Of India. IFSC: BKID0000602

Branch: Dehuroad

AC No. 060220110000355

Mobile No: +919822352294

Thank You  for Your Seed into God’s Fertile Soil. May God Reward You A Thousand Fold.

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Reaching out to you on behalf of Gethsemane Charitable Trust, Dehugaon

Our Mission: To give a new life to people on the streets who have no food, medicine or home. Giving them a place to stay, good food and necessary medical treatment and peace of mind.

We are happy to say that we have purchased a site for our ashram as the present site is inadequate for accommodation. We have started with our construction work It is requested to give your valuable contribution for the construction of the ashram anyone who is willing to help can buy us material like cement, gravel and labour charges etc

Thank you for your love and support. We hope you will continue to help and support us.